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The 7th Annual Lake School of Celtic Music, Song and Dance is brought to you by The Lake School Committee which is a subcommittee of the Koroit Community Association Inc.

The Lake School wishes wishes to thank the Moyne Shire and The Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry


The dates for the 7th Lake School are:

Tuesday January 3 to Sunday January 8 2006

Tuition at the Seventh Lake School includes:

fiddle, flute, tin whistle, bodhran, singing, ceilidhe dancing, songwriting, tune accompaniment on DADGAD guitar, slow sessions and children's dance,  weekend workshops in uillean pipes, harp and anglo-concertina and a poetry writing workshop.

Feature Events at the 7th Lake School  includes:

• daily tuition in individual instruments for beginners, advanced and Kids - classes in songwriting, singing, and dance-nightly sessions. Weekend workshops in uilllean pipes, harp and anglo-concertina January 6-8

• Wednesday  January 4 Singers session

• Thursday January 5 Lake School students folk club

• Friday January 6 Spud Poets Award, Songs of the Poets Concert featuring Maria Forde, Vince Brophy and Dennis O’Keeffe and the Dancers Concert, weekend workshops Jan 6-8 in harp, concertina and uillean pipes

• Saturday January 7  Grand Ceilidhe including Lake School concert, Poetry workshop

• Sunday January 8 Singers Concert,Kids and Parents Ceildhe and Songwriters concert lead by Dennis O’Keeffe


Felix Meagher

Contact details: 03-98731700 (W)

03-98748522 (Fax)

0413-801294 (Mob)

or email

phot of Lake School

Correspondence for the Lake School can be addressed to Felix Meagher PO Box 22 Mitcham 3132

Cheques should be made out to the Koroit Community Association Inc.


Prices, Classes and Public Events

Prices $145 adult $80 for children under 16 Children under 16 must be enrolled with a parent. Family ticket $420. Weekend workshop tickets are $95 (adults only).

A ticket entitles a student to attend all classes and concerts.

A maximum of 150 places are being offered for the full week and a 30 extra  places for the weekend workshops in harp, pipes and concertina. A full ticket enables a student to attend the weekend workshop.

We encourage people to finalise their enrolments by December 3 2005

NB the timetable on this site is only an approximate guide to the Lake School timetable which may change during the year – please check with Felix 03-98731700 for any detailed queries, for the most up to date information.

In the past students have attended more than one instrumental class, and while this is possible we encourage students to concentrate on one instrument. The schedule has been organised so that students can easily attend one instrument group and all of the special events – songwriting, ceilidhe band, dance, and singing.