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Say G’day You Aussie Children


Ted Egan

An old man came back from the Dreamtime
He’d been there for thousands of years
He’d learnt every language, he knew everything
And he wanted most of all to hear some children laugh and sing.
So off he went to Ernabella
And he met a funny little fella
And he knew just what this little boy would say
When the boy said "Niente bella"
The man said, "What’d I tell ya!
That’s how the first Australians say "G’day"


Say g’day you Aussie children
Say g’day you Aussie kids
G’day, g’day, g’day, g’day, g’day, g’day

Now when he got to town, his face took on a frown
’Cos all the kids seemed to talk in a different way
For a while he hesitated, then he smiled when he translated
The kids had simply said to him "G’day!"
Comme sta? Ti kanis? Yak sher mash? Hola, Nasilsin,
Comment ça va? Konnichi wah? Koko si,
Wie geht’s, Shalom, Marharbah, Labadiena, Hodz vodz? Apa kabar.
You’ve come from different places, but you’ve all got lovely faces
So there’s really not much more for me to say
You’re welcome to the country, but keep it looking good
And don’t forget to smile and say "G’day."


The Lachlan Tigers


At his gate each shearer stood as the whistle loudly blew,
With eyebrows fixed and lips compressed the tigers all bent too;
You could hear the clicking of the shears as through the wool they glide,
You see a gun already turned, he’s on the whipping side.


A lot of Lachlan tigers it’s plain to see we are
Hark to our burly ringer as he loudly calls for tar;
‘Tar here,’ calls one and quick the tar boy flies
‘Sweep those locks away,’ another loudly cries.

The scene it is a lively one and ought to be admired,
There hasn't been a better board since Jacky Howe expired
Along the board our gaffer walks his face all in a frown
And passing by the ringer says, ‘You watch my lad, keep down.’

For I must have their bellies off, and topknots too likewise,
My eye is quick so none of your tricks or from me you will fly,
Oh, curses on our gaffer, he’s never on our side,
To shear a decent tally boys, in vain I’ve often tried.

I have a pair of Ward and Paine’s that are both bright and new,
I’ll rig them up and I’ll let you see what I can really do!
For I’ve shorn on the Riverine where they shear ’em by the score
But such a terror as this to clip I never shore before.

Botany Bay


Farewell to old England for ever,
Farewell to my rum culls as well,
Farewell to the well-known old Bailey
Where I once used to cut such a swell.


Singing Too-ral li-ooral-li ad-dity,
Singing Too-ral li-ooral-li-ay,
Singing Too-ral li-ooral-li ad-dity
And we’re bound for Botany Bay.

There’s the Captain and I’m your Commander,
I’m the bo’sun and we’re the ship’s crew,
There’s the first and the second class passengers,
Knows what we poor convicts go through.

Ain’t leaving old England we cares about
Ain’t cause we mis-spells what we knows
But because all we light-fingered gentry
Hops around with a log on our toes

Oh, had I the wings of a turtle-dove!
I’d soar on my pinions so high,
Slap bang to the arms of my Polly love,
And in her sweet bosom I’d die

Lady Halifax:- I do say that's funky!

Lord Halifax:- Yes my dear, let's boogie


Now, all my young Dookies and Duchesses,
Take warning from what I do say
Mind all is your own as you touchesses,
Or you'll join us in Botany Bay.


The Bush Tucker Song


Eric Maddern

Arranged by Felix Meagher

I like the taste of mayaka
Mayaka, mayaka,
I like the taste of mayaka
It tastes like a little bush coconut

I like the taste of minnera,
Minnera, minnera
I like the taste of minnera
It tastes like a little bush raspberry

I like the taste of witchetty grubs,
Witchetty grubs, witchetty grubs,
I like the taste of witchetty grubs
Its a little white worm that lives in a log

I like the taste of lily-pily
Lily-pily, lily-pily,
I like the taste of lily-pily
It tastes like a little bush plum

I like to go to [name of school] School
[name of school] School, [name of school] School
I like to go to [name of school] School
It’s a beautiful place to be.

Young And Free


 Meagher, Jenkins, Baker, 2002

I grew up down by the Footscray Football Club
And as a kid I saw every Melbourne Cup
A city boy, I never fell off a horse
But you know, life’s about choice

When I couldn't find work I went up to New South Wales
I saw country there bigger than a Warrnambool whale
I got a job as the cook in a shearer’s camp
I met the ringers, the fencers, I was one of the lads.

We were young and free
Life was easy
Blue skies everyday
Good times on the way

Before long, I found my place
I met a girl, oh she had the cutest face
And when I asked her, “Baby will you stay with me?”
She said, “Sure thing, why me?”

And in time I went back to Melbourne Town
All my old friends said, “How come we haven¹t seen you around?”
And so I told them of the life I’d built in the bush
And I said, “Hey, why don¹t you come and have a look?”



Meagher, Jenkins, Baker, 1998

Old house, new house
Chook shed, out house
On Maroondah Highway
Hey mate you going my way?

We call it Nunawading
You bet Nunawading
Suburb of my childhood
Nineteen Sixty

Ancient battleground
Cream brick a thousand pound
Gum tree beside the road
Back paddock needs a mow!

We call it Nunawading
You beaut Nunawading
Suburb of my childhood
Nineteen Sixty

Pie and sauce at lunchtime
Fish¹n de chip on Friday night
Go the footy on Sat’day
Down the clubrooms Sat¹day night

We call it Nunawading
You bet Nunawading
Suburb of my childhood
Nineteen Sixty

Old house, new house (old house, new house)
Chook shed, out house (chook shed outhouse
On Maroondah Highway (on Maroondah Highway)
Hey babe you going my way?

We call it Nunawading
You bet Nunawading
Suburb of my childhood
Nineteen Sixty

The Rare Old Mountain Dew

Let the grasses grow and the waters flow
In a free and easy way
But give me enough of the fine old stuff
They brew near Galway Bay
The policemen all from Donegal,
Sligo and Leitrim too
We'll give them the slip and we’ll take a sip
Of the Rare Old Mountain Dew


Hi de dee di dum hi de dee di dum
Hi de dee di dee di day

At the foot of the hill there's a neat little still
Where the smoke curls up to the sky
By the sight and the smell you can plainly tell
There’s poteen brewing nearby
It fills the air with an odour rare
That betwixt both me and you
As on you stroll you may take a bowl
Or a bucket of the mountain dew


Now learned men who use the pen
Have wrote your praises high
Of the rare poteen from Ireland green
Distilled from wheat and rye
So, away with your pills, it’ll cure all ills
Of pagan and christian too
Take off your coat and grease your throat
With the rare old mountain dew

Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport


Rolf Harris

Watch me wallabies feed mate
Watch me wallabies feed
They’re a dangerous breed mate
So, watch me wallabies feed

Take me koalas back. Mac
Take me koalas back
Don’t let them out on the track. Mac
Take me koalas back

Keep me cockatoos cool, curl
Keep me cockatoos cool
Don’t go acting the fool, curl
Keep me cockatoos curl

Play me didjeridu, blue
Play me didjeridu
Keep playing till I shoot through, blue
Play me didjeridu

Tan me hide when I die, Clyde
Tan me hide when I die
“So they tanned his hide when he died, Clyde
And that’s it hangin' on the shed!”

The Lagerphone Song


Meagher, Jenkins, McPartlon 1999

Now you get some of these
And you get some of those
And you get one of these
And you get one of those
You give a little thump
You give a little whack
You’re ready to go

You might be a convict
You might be free
Whatever you are
Don¹t blame me
You give a little thump
You give a little whack
You’re ready to go

You might be right
You might be wrong
Don’t jump in that billabong
You give a little thump
You give a little whack
And you give it a go

On your way to work
Or milking a cow
Matter of fact
I¹ve got it now
You give a little thump
You give a little whack
You’re ready to go

And so my friends this is the lagerphone
And you can make one that's your own
You get a bit of wood
The handle of an axe
You drink a bit of beer
And when you¹ve had a few
Collect the bottle tops
Put them two by two
Thump whack
Jingle jangle, jingle jangle

Its a dinky di invention
Will make you the centre of attention
Make you want to hop
Make you want to shout
Make you do the twist
Go leaping all about
Do the docey-do
Do the Hoe and Toe
It will make you, make you make you make you (x3)
Want to DANCE!

Country Life


Meagher, Jenkins, Baker 2002

There's a great divide, across this land
Like a Berlin Wall, made of salt and sand
A congregation’s trapped inside
Getting fewer
As years goes by

The kids shoot through
Things close down
Along with Christmas
Drought comes to town
Five generations in a family line
The last one's ageing
And days goes by

To stay or sell
Burns the farmers brain
A lifetime's work
Is it all in vain?
He pulls his boots on
Sings this song
(spoken) At least there’s nothing else
Can go wrong

Country life (country life)
That¹s country life (country life)
Trouble and strife (trouble and strife)
That’s country life (country life)
Don¹t ask me why (don’t ask me why)
We do or die ( do or die)
That’s what it’s like
This country life first time

Don’t know about you
Tell you about me
Rolled my tractor
Busted me knee
But its made me stronger
Come what may
I don¹t care now
What people say

So you and me
We gotta give it a go
Gonna get together
And save this show
We gonna laugh and dance and sing tonight
Show the world everything¹s alright
We’re going to make it right this country life
We’re going to make it right this country life

Dance Happens


Meagher, Jenkins, Baker 2002

Once upon a time in a year long past
I met some kids who played guitars
They said. “You can sing, will you join our band?”
And I found a microphone in my hand
It just happened
Just happened
A simple invitation grows a celebration
It happened

So we did some gigs at the local club
Then graduated to a city pub
And we saw what it was that makes it swing
And we did it again and again
And it happened
A little invitation grows a celebration
It happened

So I took the chance and I let go
Life is like the river flow
Stood up tall, felt from the heart
Moved my feet just to start
it happened,
A little invitation grows a celebration
It happened

So I turned to a friend and offered my hand
I said its good, let's make it grand
So we took to the floor, into a spin
That¹s the world I like to be in
It happens
A little invitation grows a celebration
It happens

So try for yourself, see what you find
Don’t be a prisoner of body or mind
A step at a time, that's all you need
Feel the O2 when you breathe
Dance happens
Dance happens
A little invitation grows a celebration
Dance happens

Dance dance dance happens
Dance dance dance happens

Tram Stop


Felix Meagher, Paul Jenkins and Ewen Baker 2002

I’ll meet you at the Tram Stop
The stop before the Junction
A dance down at the Depot
There will be a funky function

Dance down at the depot,
Dance down at the depot,
Dance down at the depo

It will be a funky function
At the end of of the section
Where all the connies and their drivers
And we’ll make a new connection

Make a new connection,
Make a new connection,
Make a new connection

Look out for the inspector (he’s got the frown)
He¹s got a validator (he’ll pin you down)
But he’s just a tax collector (hit the ground)
And he’ll be talking to you later (run him out of town)

Talking to you later
And you’ll talking to him later
He’ll be talking to us later
And we’ll be talking to him later

I'll meet you at the Tram Stop (Meet you there)
The stop before the Junction (See you there)
There will be a funky function (I’ll be there)
A dance down at the Depot (Don't be square)

Ding ding ring my bell a bell a bell a bell a bell
Ding ding ring my bell a bell a bell a bell a bell
Ding ding ring my bell a bell a bell a bell a bell

Dance down at the depot,
Dance down at the depot,
Dance down at the depot

Country Life Poems


Felix Meagher


I got a big mob of sheep, and a big, big mob of cows
I’ve got to bring them in, but, strewth, I dunno how
The sun is bright and hot, and the sky’s a shiny blue
I should bring ’em in today, though tomorrow will probably do
Now me horse – me cobber’s got sore feet, and the truck’s gone awful bung
Me mouth is full of pesky flies, and me boots is full of dung
Now wouldn’t it be great if I could go somewhere, just lie there on the sand
But I tell you what – it would better still if someone would give us a hand!

Farmers wife:

I’ve been sitting in this kitchen day after day after day
And the silver’s that spic and span its ready to fly away
And the washing’s neatly folded, and the shopping list is done
And I’ve opened up the cupboard and brushed down Jack’s old suit and cummerbund
Now they tell me there’s a dance on Saturday night, and its sounds something grand
All those gents in spiffy suits, their white gloves on farmers hands
And all those ladies looking fine, their hair done up a treat
I say it takes me back to those dancing days when Jack and I did meet

Surfer with binoculars:

Cool, cool, curl
Swell, swell, girl
Avalon, Dee-Why
Gunnamatta, Woolamai
Bell¹s Beach, Collaroy
Surf¹s up...go boy
I got the time, got the day
I can feel the wave, got to getaway
Got my wax, got my leggy
Got my thruster, got my wetty
We¹ve got the pack, got the crew
The Doobies playing in Dad's HQ
Panel van, that is...
Wow man
Yeah Yeah...catch it Curl
That was a good one, pity I missed it
Hey big big big one!
Cruncher, bumper, dumper
Take out, black out, freak out...WIPE OUT
Ooooh...Take Five, Hey....girl

Student with glasses and make up brush:

Mother, father... meet Jean-Paul Satre
Let it be...philosophy
I me mine, George sang that line
Drop out, tune in...was it........Pierre Cardin?
The world is large, but the mind is bigger
If I dont finish this assignment, I’ll marry a rigger
Shostakovich, listen...understand
Shakespeare, is that a pimple? George Sand
Do you dig my Levis, as I ponder George Elliot?
Straighten those glasses, and keep that belly in
Its driving me mad, is it real? is it factual?
When will I be that vogue tres chick intellectual?

Country Man:

Hey listen...
As I walked down Collins Street
A gov’ment official I did meet
I said, “Whaddya think you're doing here?
The folk in the bush think you¹re just kickin’ rear
You’ve taken their hospitals, jobs and schools
And you're ripping out shops, post offices and pools
The kids have all left, gone their own way
We’ve got to get tourists to bring in the hay
With your gov’ment policies I want no truckle
Give us good men and women that won¹t buckle
To the big guys and the banks and their corporate idiots
Who want to toss us in jail for letting out secrets...
That you're all crazy – that’s the secret
You can tell that to your gov’ment mates – you are crazy, crazy, crazy”

Office girl:

You have called...
Thirteen hundred, forty three forty one
You are in the queue to speak to someone
You are in the queue to tell them your woes
You are in a time where nobody knows
The answer, the question they all just say
Have your credit card ready you'll need to pay...
Hey, I just wish to speak to someone
I don’t want option a hundred and one...
I’m putting you through please hold the line
Listen to the music, it's sublime
Listen to the time, relax your hand
If you wait a little longer you¹ll understand
That nobody cares

Please just go away
Whatever you want can’t be done today
The problem I’m afraid is not us it’s you
Would you like to...beep, go back to the menu?


I see a good mood rising (hand to brow right)
I see a happening on the way (hand to brow left)
I see lots of smiling faces (both hands)
I see great times here today (hands out)

SO DON’T YOU BE UPTIGHT (clasp body)

Hope you’ve put your dancing shoes on (foot out and point to it)
Hope you’ll all prepared to sing (mic)
Hope you’ve got your rhythm with you (drums)
This is a sixties happening (peace signs)

Get into lots of sunny weather (point up)
Get into dancing till you drop (the twist)
Get into to peace and come together (two peace signs turn in )
This is a sixties happening (stomp)

The Wild Colonial Boy

There was a wild colonial boy Jack Doolan was his name
Of poor but honest parents, he was born in Castlemaine
He was his father’s only hope, his mother’s pride and joy
And dearly did both parents love the wild colonial boy


So come away my hearties, we’ll roam the mountainside
So come away my hearties together we will ride
So come away my hearties we’ll gallop across the plains
We’ll never live in slavery bound down by iron chains

In ’61 this daring youth commenced a wild career
With a heart that new no danger, no foeman did he fear
He held the Beechworth mail coach up and robbed Judge McEvoy
Who trembling cold gave up his gold to the Wild Colonial Boy

One day as he was riding the mountain side along
Listening to the pretty birds, their pleasant laughing song
Three mounted troops came in sight, Kelly, Davis and Fitzroy
And they thought that they would capture him the Wild Colonial Boy

“Surrender now Jack Doolan, we see you three to one.
Surrender now Jack Doolan, you daring highwayman.”
But Jack drew a pistol from his belt and swung it like a toy
“I’ll fight and not surrender,” said the Wild Colonial Boy

Finale 60s

There is a world of fear my friends we all know
And there are times we get away to it
Just to get away from life and life’s commotion
We find it oh so easier to life in our perfect world
With a grey sky over us

But think back over the years my friends re-living
The precious moments of our youth and
With every day that passes let us all remember
Never to surrender to a life of fear again
Let us open the sky
Yes think back over the years my friends re-living
The precious moments of our youth and

With every day that passes
Let the sunshine
Let the sunshine in
The sunshine in!

Bushwahzee Medley

I Still Call Australia Home


Peter Allen

I've been to cities that never close down
From New York to Rio and old London Town
But no matter how far or how wide I roam I still call Australia home.

I'm always travelling, I love being free
And so I keep leaving this sun and this sea
But my heart lies waiting over the foam
I still call Australia home.

All the sons and daughters spinning around the world
Away from their family and friends
But as the world gets older and colder
It’s good to know where your journey ends.

But someday we’ll all get together once more
When all of the ships come back to the shore
I realise something I’ve always known
I still call Australia
I still call Australia
I still call Australia home

The Road to Gundagai


Jock O'Hagen

There’s a track winding back to an old fashioned shack
Along the road to Gundagai
Where the blue gums are growing, the Murrumbidgee’s flowing
Beneath that sunny sky
Where my Mummy and Daddy are waiting for me
Where the pals of my childhood are waiting for me
So no more will I roam till I’m headed right for home

On the road to Gundagai

There’s an old fashioned Ford made of rubber, tin and board
Along the road to Gundagai
The radiator’s hissing, and half the engine’s missing
The oil tank’s running dry
There’s water in the petrol and sand in the gears
And it hasn’t seen a garage for more than twenty years
But O lord hear the roar when the pedal hits the floor
Along the road to Gundagai.



It’s a long to way to Tipperary
It’s a long way to go
It’s a long to way to Tipperary
To the sweetest girl I know
Goodbye Piccadilly
Farewell Leicester Square
It’s a long long way to Tipperary
But my heart lies there.

Pack Up Your Troubles

Pack up your troubles in your old kitbag
And smile. smile, smile
If you’ve a Lucifer to light your fag
Then smile boys that's the style
What's the use of worrying
It never was worthwhile
So pack up your troubles in your old kitbag
And smile, smile, smile.

The Bush Cabaret


Paul Jenkins, Patrick McPartlon and Felix Meagher 1994


Ladies and Gentlemen we give you...the Bush Cabaret

The Bushwahzee your school for the day.

So come on everyone...and give it a go

There’s singing and playing and the old heel and toe.


The Bush Cabaret is a wonderful sight

Where the kids and their parents dance into the night

You’ll laugh and you'll giggle and shout hip hooray

Let yourselves go at the Bush Cabaret

[repeat last line with a low chuckle]

Now Felix on fiddle he always want more


...More Yeah

We’ll sing up a storm at the Bush Cabaret

[repeat last line with an operatic laugh]

Ladies and Gentlemen some scenes from colonial Australia

First class first class...

Singing toorali oorali...


Well Paul’s from the bush...G’day

A countrified Gent...that’s okay

I’ve been watching these kids and they’ve sure got the beat

They’ll show you a dance that’s graceful and sweet

[instrumental while Paul introduces dancers]

Pride of Erin


Patrick on guitar...keep that beat steady

He tells us backstage...I don’t think they’re ready

With a...Boom...Clash...Jangle...Crash

By the end of the night we’ll have us a smash hit

[percussion group plays]


So we hope that you’re all going to have a great night

And to help the kids get over any stage fright

Be sure to be quiet as they give you their show

So c’mon everybody...and give it a go

Chorus (everybody singing):

Repeat chorus

Repeat last line

The Bush Cabaret Finale

[Get everyone up to dance the convict beat]

Ball and chain, ball and chain

Years of pain, years of pain

Drag your feet, drag your feet

To the convict beat

Dance to the convict beat


Did you give it a go?

I gave it a go!

Did you heel-and-toe?

I heeled-and-toed!

Did you give it a whirl?

I danced with a girl!

And you looked so coy!

When I danced with a boy!

Did you dance with your Dad?

And it wasn’t too bad!

Did you dance with your Mum?

And get off

We danced to the convict beat

Ladies and gentlemen we’d like to thank [details of those to be thanked] and before we go, before the end of the show, there’s one more dance. Can you make a big circle.

To end our show

There’s one dance to go

To end our show

There’s one dance to go

To end our show

There’s one dance to go

(Dance the Hokey-Pokey)

The Bush Cabaret is a wonderful sight

Where the kids and their parents dance into the night

You’ll laugh, you’ll giggle and shout hooray

When you let yourselves go at the Bush Cabaret

When you let yourself go at the Bush Cabaret!

Say G’day



Good morning you’re looking great!
How’re ya going...OK
Good morning, no worries mate
Everyone sing along...Yeehah!
G’day, G’day, G’day
We say G’day
You say G’day
everyone sing along....Yeehah!

We’re the gang we’ve come to play
How’re ya going...OK
Songs and dances through the day
Everyone sing along...Yeehah!

Listen now its coming soon...
The fiddler he plays the tune

The guitar man he ‘s got rhythmn
Clap your hands and let’s go with him

Let’s stand up and get the beat
Clap your hands and stamp your feet

Turn to a friend and clap their hand
Take this dance throughout the land




We’re in the bush, it makes good sense
Find a partner, build a fence
Here’s what you do, its not too hard
Lend a hand to make a yard

Round to the left and to the creek
Keep on going, watch for sheep
Back to the right, jump the plough
Got to be quick to catch that cow

Sneak up without a sound
Back you go, give some ground
You’ve got ‘em now, give a yell
Drove ‘em back, you’re doing well

Sheep go baa!
Ah, ha, ha
Cows go moo
(Clap, clap) Stockyard!

Grab your partners hoofs and spin
Hold ‘em tight, swing, swing
Everybody join in
(Clap, clap) Stockyard!


Convicts Wanna Dance



We’re convicts and we wanna dance
We’re convicts and we’re gonna dance
We’re convicts and we wanna chance
We’re convicts and we’re gonna chant!

Freedom! Freedom! Freedom! Now!

Heads down, don’t talk, just work, don’t think

The Puffing Billy Song



I'm standing on the station
Waiting for the train
Because I made myself a promise
I'd ride that train again
I'm waiting for the whistle
Listening for the bell
Hoping that the guard will say
The words I remember well

Rock with me roll with me
Rock with me roll with me
As the trains goes along
Rock with me roll with me
Rock with me roll with me
That's the Puffing Billy song

The train left the station
Blowing steam and smoke
With a carriage full of children
So excited no-one spoke
Hanging out their feet
Was there ever a day so fine!
Waving to all the people
Come to watch the train go by

The train climbed the mountains
Over bridges and bends
Lost in the trees
Where do they end?
And down into the valley
The wheels going clickety-clack
I started wishing there was no going back

Sunshine through the clouds
The mountains out of view
We stopped at the station
Time to say adeiu
And if we ever get the chance my friend
We'll go you and I
Ride with the guard,
Sing his song
And watch the day go by

The Man From Ironbark


A. B. Paterson

It was the man from Ironbark who struck the Sydney town,
He wandered over street and park, he wandered up and down.
He loitered here, he loitered there, till he was like to drop,
Until at last in sheer despair he sought a barber's shop.
"'Ere! shave my beard and whiskers off, I'll be a man of mark,
I'll go and do the Sydney toff up home in Ironbark."

The barber man was small and flash, as barbers mostly are,
He wore a strike-your-fancy sash, he smoked a huge cigar;
He was a humorist of note and keen at repartee,
He laid the odds and kept a "tote", whatever that may be,
And when he saw our friend arrive, he whispered, "Here's a lark!
Just watch me catch him all alive, this man from Ironbark."

There were some gilded youths that sat along the barber's wall.
Their eyes were dull, their heads were flat, they had no brains at all;
To them the barber passed the wink, his dexter eyelid shut,
"I'll make this bloomin' yokel think his bloomin' throat is cut."
And as he soaped and rubbed it in he made a rude remark:
"I s'pose the flats is pretty green up there in Ironbark."

A grunt was all reply he got; he shaved the bushman's chin,
Then made the water boiling hot and dipped the razor in.
He raised his hand, his brow grew black, he paused awhile to gloat,
Then slashed the red-hot razor-back across his victim's throat:
Upon the newly-shaven skin it made a livid mark -
No doubt it fairly took him in - the man from Ironbark.

He fetched a wild up-country yell might wake the dead to hear,
And though his throat, he knew full well, was cut from ear to ear,
He struggled gamely to his feet, and faced the murd'rous foe:
"You've done for me! you dog, I'm beat! One hit before I go!
I only wish I had a knife, you blessed murdering shark!
But you'll remember all your life the man from Ironbark."

He lifted up his hairy paw, with one tremendous clout
He landed on the barber's jaw, and knocked the barber out.
He set to work with nail and tooth, he made the place a wreck;
He grabbed the nearest gilded youth, and tried to break his neck.
And all the while his throat he held to save his vital spark,
And "Murder! Bloody murder!" yelled the man from Ironbark.

A peeler man who heard the din came in to see the show;
He tried to run the bushman in, but he refused to go.
And when at last the barber spoke, and said "'Twas all in fun—
'Twas just a little harmless joke, a trifle overdone."
"A joke!" he cried, "By George, that's fine; a lively sort of lark;
I'd like to catch that murdering swine some night in Ironbark."

And now while round the shearing floor the list'ning shearers gape,
He tells the story o'er and o'er, and brags of his escape.
"Them barber chaps what keeps a tote, By George, I've had enough,
One tried to cut my bloomin' throat, but thank the Lord it's tough."
And whether he's believed or no, there's one thing to remark,
That flowing beards are all the go way up in Ironbark.

Penguin Parade


Durr, Jenkins, Hitchins

Where the bush meets the sea
When the sun starts to fade
All the penguins start arriving
To do the parade

Waddle up onto the shore
Spin around and look some more
Look around to find a mate
Waddle to them, don’t be late

Bow and out, waddle in to say hello
Spin around and don’t be slow
Spinning back their in your lap
Clap your flippers loud and clear
Clap! Clap! Clap

Left skipping two times
Bend your knees, further climb
Stepping back because your shy
Bend your knees a second try
Heading left this time for sure
Excercise those knees some more
Swim round your looking fine
Penguins now you’re all in line

Waddle! Spin! Look around! Waddle! Bow and out!
Waddle! Spin! Spin again!
Clap your filppers, loud and clear
Clap! Clap! Clap

Left skipping
Bend your knees
Stepping back
Bend your knees again
Heading left
Exercise those knees
Penguins now, on parade
You’re on your own, don’t be afraid...

The Bed Song



You can make it a boat
And you’re sailing with me
Imagine the Captain
Gazing far out to sea
And all of the sailors, pulling hard on the oars
The rigger sets the sails
While the seagulls soar

Well you pull the doona flat (pull the doona flat)
Smooth it out all over (over)
Fold the cover back (fold the cover back)
Then you call your mum and show her (Hey mum, I’m finished)

You can make it an island
A tropical one
With coconuts falling
From tall trees in the sun
But watch out when swimming
Cause you never know what’s here
A big old grey shark
That’s circling just near

Why don’t you make it a sea-plane?
Then you’re flying with me
We’ll take off real fast
And zoom back over the sea
We’ll fly in formation
Fly all around
Fly loopity loops
Till we’ll touch back on the ground

Give it a Go Polka



There’s a dance we love to do
Clap your hands and tap your show
You need someone to help you out
So don’t be shy just give a shout

Right is right and left’s not wrong
So come on folks and join our song
Listen to me, I’ll show ya
The Give it a Go Polka

Heel and toe, toe and heel
Four steps on...get real
Toe and heel, heel and toe
Step on back to give it a go
Right hands clap, left hands too
Convict clap...Yahoo!
Swing your partner, make a star
Let’s give it a go...Yeehah!

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